03rd Oct 2018

DaoElectro (Toulon)

 DaoElectro / Christophe Dal Sasso & Sylvain Ghio The secret of cosmos is the association of two great jazz musicians from the French scene playing electro music. They created a...

27th Aug 2018

Pierre Sibille

Pierre Sibille, the originator of BLUES'UP, is a musician & independent artist who can be found captivating listeners worldwide with his pure blues, soulful sound. By the age of fourteen,...

05th Jun 2018
Dario Del Priore

Dario Del Priore

NEW SINGLE – ISSUES (Dario Del Priore / Dani Mendez) BLUES’UP 2018 A first POP incursion on “BLUES’UP” by the producer Dani Mendez also composer and arranger of that new single...

30th May 2018

Dani Mendez (New York)

FIRST ALBUM COMING SOON... Danielle “Dani” Mendez is an upcoming songwriter, producer, and artist from New York /New Jersey. At the age of eight, Dani’s parents realized her ability to...

25th Apr 2018

Andrea Caparros

NEW ALBUM - Piece Of Mind    Andrea is inspired by her own Brazilian roots, This song project opens to the horizons of jazz and Brazilian music. Inspired by the...

24th Apr 2017
loran menier

Loran Menier Group (La Ciotat)

Loran Menier Loran Menier, new album : "One Day in Paris" Is a musical evocation of this beautiful city before the attacks and the drama... No words, just 31 mns...

22nd Mar 2016

Shinuh Holt (NYC)

ShiNuh is an Innovative Artist based in Brooklyn, N.Y. Her portfolio includes fashion editorials, music videos, vocal performances, fashion styling, creative directing and more. Realizing how intrigued she was by...

18th Mar 2016

Michel Bénébig (Nouméa)

Pete Fallico KCSM ‘The Bay Area’s Jazz Station’ doodlinlounge.com Their travels have been described musically in ‘Noumea to New York’.  This one has a nice loping, ‘road-song-sound’ to it that...

12th Feb 2016


Trio Combo Brazil is a trio with Brazilian and Caribbean tones, with dancing and very percussive sounds.Born from the meeting of David Walters (Caribbean), Pierre Sibille (France) and Wallace Negao (Brazil), the...

05th Dec 2015

Emmanuelle. (Paris)


05th Nov 2015

Valerie Ghent (NYC)

*** NOUVEAU SINGLE *** FEELIN' ALRIGHT ***   You might be thinking, “Feelin’ Alright – you mean that great song by Joe Cocker?” Feelin’ Alright was actually written by Dave Mason and was first released in...

05th Nov 2015

Ludovic Briand

Born in 1982 to a family of musicians, Ludovic Briand began his musical career at 6 on the trumpet, surrounded by his brother Christophe on the drums, his sister Stephanie...

05th Nov 2015

Willy Caïd (Toulon)

  ** NEW ** Got Me Home  wILL tHE bLUE gRIOT : Guitar/Voice Sébastien Markezana : Bass/Contrebass Sébastien Lhermitte : Percussions Pierre Sibille : Keyboard/Harmonica Yassine Zaïdi : Drums // Vidéo //

05th Nov 2015

Chris Arles (Mauritius Blues Society)

Born in France, on December 8, 1970, in Orleans, Christophe ARLES grew up in Polynesia, learning music on his first instrument: the ukulele…  It was also in Polynesia that he...

05th Nov 2015

Don Billiez (South of France)

Composer, saxophonist of Catalan French/Spanish origin Don Billiez has conducted, for the last decade, a career as a solo artist, as they say… the terms career and solo aren’t in...

12th Oct 2015

Moses Patrou (NYC)

Moses Patrou Live at the Funboard Center by BLUES'UP independent MOSES PATROU A singer and drummer from New York, Moses Patrou is groove in its pure state…  A warm, velvety...

05th Dec 2014

Compilation – BLUES’UP #2

New compilation BLUES’UP #2 BLUES'UP #2 by BLUES'UP independent Valerie Ghent, Moses Patrou, Don Billiez, Will The Blue Griot, Camion BLUES’UP live track Sibille/Walters/Menier/Finger, ALF, Mauritius Blues Society Arles/Ragu/Besenval, Ludovic...

05th Nov 2014

Tee Two Mariani

Directions : At a time when the musical lanscape is becoming formatted and uniform, he attempts to come to terms with a larger vision of the dance culture of the...

05th Nov 2014


  OUTERNATIONAL RAGGAMUFFIN DEEJAY!!! UPCOMING DEEJAY !!!! UPCOMING DEEJAY !!!! English: Ghost Rider iz a Brand New Raggamuffin deejay/singer comin’ from south of france (La Seyne Sur mer aka La...

05th Nov 2014

David Walters (Marseille)

And Also : “Rise and Fall” ENJOY!!

05th Nov 2014

Richard Arame (Berlin)

Richard Arame : Guitar – Vocal Guitar, voice, writer, composer, he began with Blues and Rock in the mid 70s, and is interested in Jazz-Rock, Funk and Rhythm and Blues. ...

05th Nov 2014

Cosimo & Co Blues Band

It was in 1999 that Pascal Cosimo created Cosimo & Co Blues Band with two bluesmen friends.  An outstanding guitarist, Pascal, a connoisseur of the classics, put his talent and...

05th Nov 2014

ALF and Half

NEW ALBUM : Wacky "Wacky", ALF & half's new album is coming out in the first quarter of 2018. A CD at the same time in the group's groovy artistic...

05th Nov 2014

Make iT Real (Dakar)

A singer from St Louis, Senegal, he raps to deliver a positive message, for a voluntary and responsible Africa.  From his lips, Wolof sounds like a djembe ensemble…  He owes...

12th Oct 2014

Where is Boom (WIB)

    Show BLUES’UP at  “Denis theatre” January 2014…  

11th Sep 2014


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