21st Jun 2019


https://youtu.be/8p3JMIHAnnw https://youtu.be/iUMXhlObeJs

18th Dec 2014

2dB Session 01 – Will The Blue Griot

STUDIO BLUES’UP – HYÈRES (FRANCE) 15 & 16 th Sept 2014 (ING Jack iRecord) bLUE – adj. (America) – Related to Blues, Soul. gRIOT – n.m. (Afrique) – noun. (Africa)...

11th Sep 2014

Seven Days in June

7 days to record an album – Studio BLUES’UP – Hyères (South of France) ‘Seven Days In June’ is the name, Johnny Walker gave to the Firstdub recording sessions at...

11th Sep 2014


Firstdub has developed a dynamic Music Store making it possible to promote, license and sell music anywhere online.Firstdub was launched out of a passion to develop a platform where musicians...

11th Sep 2014

I’ve Got Dreams To Remember (Reggae Version)

First Pascal Nazzaro video clip at BLUES’UP studio – I’ve Got Dreams To Remember… Pierre Sibille featuring Ghostrider adds an extra special twist to the Otis Redding classic… This is...