Release JUNE 7th 2019

LIVE - FRANCE 3 PACA - "ensemble c'est mieux"



French Album – Le Blues de la Terre

 Pierre Sibille’s new album... his first in French!

The combination of his musical experience and admiration for the Blues has led him to perform multiple songs and record albums in English. Sibille now turns to his native tongue to express his current, pressing views and sentiments about the world. As the grandson of a farmer and an artist who adores nature, Pierre Sibille declares this album the "Blues of the Earth." From its origin in Africa to its current outcries through nature, blues is a universal expression of joy, sorrow, and mood. In turn, this album embraces universal problems such as immigration (2019 © Troublant), environmental protection (Dernier Round); and suicide (Le Regrets). The "Blues of the Earth" provides light through songs about love (Mes Ailes) and fraternity (Mon Camarade). This album has no musical barriers. It does not fit into the entertainment department; it is rather a musical expression used to warn, sooth, and engage.

"From my friend Seydou to my loving mother, from this album envisioned since my meeting with Frédéric Faye to the request of my own wife to sing an album in French. Here it is, French album to celebrate my roots, this music related to the Blues and that I love so much..."

Pierre Sibille : vocal – keyboards – harmonica // Dani Mendez : production – arrangements – keys – vocal // David Walters : vocal – percussions // Wallace Negao : vocal - cavaquinho // Christophe Monteiro : percussions // Jérôme Buigues : guitar - mix //  Philippe Jardin : drums // François Gomez : bass // Emile Mélenchon : guitar // Laurent Menier : guitar // Eric Sauviat : guitar // Gabriel Equerre : guitar // Jo Labita : accordeon // Sebastien Lhermitte : percussions // David Lewis : bugle // William Galison : harmonica // Sébastien Markezana : bass